In The Studio

  • Digital Puzzle: Catch

    Today's Free Digital Puzzle is Catch!
  • National Puzzle Day is January 29, 2020

    Today's is my most popular puzzle from my store.  As of this writing, there is only one more signed and number puzzle left.
  • A Mini Market Research Experiment

    They are called puzzles, but in Q4 they were my mini market research experiment.
  • Profit

    It’s amazing what you can learn when you start to lose money.
  • What do Aliens Do?

    And then I asked the question, what if the number of eyes equals the age of the alien? I sketched and sketched ideas in thumbnails. I had lots of thumbnails but only room in the exhibit and time for 3 paintings.
  • Postcard Crafts

    Grab some postcards and spend some time with and/or for the ones you love.
  • Puzzling Over Products (Part 2)

    But wouldn’t these make the cutest stocking stuffers?
  • Puzzling over Products (Part 1) Puzzles

    What I like about the adult puzzle is it is really hard. The picture has lots of variations of the same or similar blue. It is kind of fun to put a puzzle together of a painting that you did. I had flash backs of: “oh, that’s got to be where he is standing because I went a little more green in that blue there” moments. You know?
  • Acrylic Paint

    I licked my finger and wiped it over the Stabilo pencil line. Magic.
  • Reference Photos

    What does a giraffe look like? I need an apple for a practice technique. What kinds of coral are in the ocean and which shapes do I like best? These are just some of the times in the recent past I’ve searched for reference photos on Google.
  • Hairy Eyeball Monsters

    I envisioned bright colors and I got fun bright colors.
  • DIY Summer Camps for Kids

    Don’t do a new camp every week. You get camp director burn out by the third camp and you could care less about what your kids do that summer.