Puzzling Over Products (Part 2)

I got another puzzle from a different supplier. It is 8x10 inches and on cardboard. It comes in a cute little box and is the perfect size to slip into a stocking. I love it!

I love it so much that I’m going to put it in my shop even though the margins are not as wonderful as I would like them to be. To get better margins, I will need to go with a third supplier who can give me a cost break for buying more puzzles.

But wouldn’t these make the cutest stocking stuffers? I am willing to have a smaller margin to make these available. The box for the third supplier would be bigger and wouldn’t fit as well in a stocking. So this is what I am thinking. I buy a few of these for the holiday season this year. The puzzle that sells the most this holiday gets an upgrade to the custom printed box with much better margins because I will be buying a larger quantity.

How well these small tester puzzles do will determine if I spend more money to get a larger quantity of puzzles for my shop.

CATCH Puzzle

For the kids who loves robots. Vote with your dollars if you think this is the puzzle that should get an upgrade and stay in my store. Order yours HERE

“In a Fair Boat” Puzzle

I like this one alot. It was the first one I got from the current supplier. If you want this one to stay in the store, grab a copy of it HERE

“Up a tree”

If this is the one you think deserves an upgrade, grab a stocking stuffer size one today. Order it HERE


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