My Online Shop

On Wednesday May 20, one of my top three things to get done included calling the Town offices and asking about the status of my Home Business Permit. They were swamped and said they would get back to me. I thought, “I’ll put following up on the top of my list to do on Friday.” But I was surprised when they called me back at 4 pm and said all I needed to do was to pay the permit fee and they would e-mail me the permit.

The possibilities opened up to me. As soon as I finished my 4 pm meeting, I got in the car with my scarf face mask and a check in a envelope to drop it off in the after hours drop box at Town Hall.

I was just waiting for this permit to go through so I could open up my online shop. It was the last legal hurdle I needed to do to be a legit business in CT. It is still going to be a few days before I’ll get more than original drawings and 11x17 posters in my shop ( because I am waiting on archival paper samples to arrive this weekend), but all of a sudden, I didn’t have an excuse anymore to put off working on my shop!

Fortunately, I had the conversation with my husband about archival ink printers on Wednesday and we made a decision about the direction to go with my print shop.

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