Georgia O'Keefe and Original Paintings

I love Georgia O’Keefe.  I saw an exhibit of hers in New York when I was in High School.  Masterpiece, the board game, had a painting of skulls done by O’Keefe that my friend always tried to buy no matter how much it cost or if it was a forgery or not.  I, however, was drawn to the flowers.

My husband knew I loved O’Keefe and when an exhibit of hers came to the New Britain Museum of American Art here in CT, we went to see it.  He told me that he didn’t understand my love for her until he saw the original paintings.  The colors, the vibrancy took his breath away and soothed his soul. There was a huge painting of hers that I had never seen before. It featured daffodils.  The yellows that the painting contained were amazing. 

I tried to find an image of it on the web, and I think I found it.  If you look at this image, however, it does not do the painting justice.  That is probably why I have never seen this painting before.  It doesn’t copy well.  The printing process cannot get the nuances of color that the original painting has.

About a year later, I was drawn to painting.  I took the unconventional route.  I painted really big paintings of images... for kids.  A children’s book Illustrator made fine art for kids. That’s a really small market.

These paints are big. There were only 2 paintings that fit onto my scanner bed. The rest I had to photograph. At Christmas, my son, who helped me create a virtual art exhibit but who had never seen the paintings in real life, was blown away by the size of these paintings. They are (IMHO) Epic!

I  took the photographs and the scanned images and made them into postcards. I used my Epson printer to make prints.  For some of the paintings I’ve had to wrestle with the color and the paper I printed them on to get it right. And they look good. 

But none of the postcards nor the prints come close to the vibrancy of the paintings when you see them in person. For that, you need to see the originals.

They still hang on my walls above my fireplace and around my living room.  And every once in a while, I’ll go in and look at them.  I am in awe at the vibrancy the original paintings have. And I want to share that awe and wonder with others.

If you would like your own piece of awe and wonder to add to your home, check out my original paintings that are for sale on my website.  I’d love to send a little bit of that to you.


You can find my original art in my shop HERE.


  • Thanks Rachel. I wish you lived closer. Next time you come to visit, stop by and see them in person!

    Pamela B Hanks
  • This was great! I loved hearing about your process! And I agree – nothing quite impresses like the originals! Those robot paintings are some of my favorites that you’ve done. The detail is stunning!


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