FREE Digital Puzzle: Harold ALbert III

Happy National Puzzle Day. For today's FREE Digital Puzzle, I chose Harold ALbert III

This is the largest painting from my 2020 Exhibit.  Most people when they see it in person are surprised by how big it is.  When I did this painting, I knew I needed to charge a lot for this painting and it was a little intimidating.  As I painted it, I would stop and ask, "Is this worth over $1000?"  If the answer was no, I worked on making it better.  I changed the style of the robot and his stance not just once but 3 times before I was happy with it.  The result is a robot with attitude who really could be the mastermind behind all evil AI the world over.  Cue maniacal laugh.

I increased the puzzle piece count on this one in honor of my sister-in-law and my nephew who wanted a larger puzzle count with this robot. 

When you do this robot, I'd love to know how long it took for you to complete it.



preview198pieceHarold ALbert III

*Note: this will take you to a website where you can do the puzzle. After you are done, there are other free puzzles there. Some may not be appropriate for young kids. Parental observation is recommended.

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