Exhibit 2021

It has begun. I am on my way to dig deeper, go further, imagine more, create more, do more in 2021.

When I evaluated my last exhibit and asked what I wanted to do next, I decided on creating a larger art exhibit with the alien monster characters.

I had a lot of interest in these cute characters.  Adults loved the wedding photo, kid's parents all but bought me out of "Up a Tree" puzzles, I had several thumbnails left over to use for future paintings, and a facebook post asking what my friends and family would like to see the alien monsters doing had a really impressive engagement.

This week I started the process. Taking all the ideas, I spent 2 days sketching more thumbnails--just scratching the surface really of the ideas everyone had.  Then on Wednesday, I refined my favorite thumbnails into 4x5 line sketches:


My plans include more than doubling my output from the October 2020 exhibit in roughly the same amount of time. I'm hoping that as I do more, I will increase my speed.

One strategy I think will help is to make more detailed line drawings.  Find all the drawing problems before I break out the paint.  As with so many of my sparks of inspiration, no doubt many of you are saying, "Duh."

This time around, I'm going to be transparent.  Last year I wanted the art exhibit to be a surprise so I didn't share much on social media.  I think that was a mistake. In 2021, my plan is to share what I am doing every day.

Today, for instance, I am writing blog posts and doing other marketing, office type duties.  Today I followed up with a publishing house on a book I sent them, I filed CT Sales tax, I finished migrating my website from squarespace to Shopify by asking my husband to help me change the DNS, I evaluated if I really had time to take that cool class I found this week, I evaluated if I should sign up for the Portfolio Showcase at the Winter SCBWI Conference in February, and I reviewed my goals. I still have an hour and 15  minutes left of my day and I might write a couple more blog posts or schedule future Facebook Posts in my Group.

Some days it might be boring, but you'll get to come along for the ride.  I hope it is an enjoyable trip for both of us.



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