In The Studio

  • Make Art That Sells: Week 1 March Mini

    Use daily affirmations like:

    Making art is really easy for me

    Art flows out of me

    Making art is effortless

  • Framing 9x12 Alien Paintings

    On the first painting, I ended up with bands of color that wrapped around the edge.
  • Color Harmony

    The real test was when I tried to make purple for the girl jumping on her bed. 
  • Making Color Comps in Photoshop

    My brain has been noodling over how I can combine the limiting power of keeping to 3 tubes of paint and the efficient method of working digitally. 
  • Buying Original Art: A Mini Guide

    Original art is special, unique, it is literally one of a kind.  Even a print of the original artwork is not the same.  Color is more vibrant in th...
  • Product Creation: Valentines

    In this Product Creation Blog Post I pull back the curtain and give you a behind the scenes look at how I created Valentines for 2021.

  • FREE Digital Puzzle: Harold ALbert III

    I increased the puzzle piece count on this one in honor of my sister-in-law and my nephew who wanted a larger puzzle count with this robot
  • Back Story: Grow Old Along with Me and Exhibit 2021 Title Announced

    When my children were small and my husband and I were in the throes of early parenthood, some days I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  I eve...
  • FREE Digital Puzzle: S.T.O.M.P

    I like the lighting effect I created on this painting but what I really like is the green in the sky as it transitions between the light blue into a darker blue and again as it transitions in deep space with all the mingling starlight.
  • Evaluating 2020 and Planning 2021

    I hope you have great plans for 2021 that make your heart skip a beat or two. Mine sure do.
  • FREE Digital Puzzle: Grow Old Along With Me

    I hope you hum the tune to Grow Old Along With Me as you work on today's FREE Digital Puzzle
  • Exhibit 2021

    My plans include more than doubling my output from the October 2020 exhibit in roughly the same amount of time.