#SCBWI LA17

    Just finished the main event for SCBWI 2017 in LA.  I made this dummy book to take with me to the conference.  I included it with my portfolio for the portfolio showcase (which was cool to be a part of) and I carried around a copy to show to anyone who asked about what I was working on.

    I have a list of things gleaned from the conference to change on this dummy before I send it in to an editor.  I'm excited to fine tune it and send it to publishers.  One of the art directors told a story about a picture book she worked on where the creator made 10 physical dummy books before it was finished.  I only have 9 more to go!!!

    Thanks to Julie Olsen's blog post on making a dummy book from InDesign. It saved me time just before the conference.

    I met alot of nice people including a couple of fellow artists that I plan on connecting with to do dummy book swaps/critics with.  I made cute mini sketchbooks/business cards to hand out.  I handed out every last "card".  It was a goal of mine to not bring any home with me, it feels empowering to have reached that goal.  God does answer prayers.

    Next year, I plan on having a fuller, stronger portfolio and a new sketchbook business card design.  I might even put some fun line drawings inside the book.

    Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to attending the Illustrator Intensive. And then fly home. My littlest said she missed me so much, she couldn't sleep.

  • Consistently Penelope

    I went to my Art Critic Group last night.  I took a bunch of sketches I have of Penelope. I have been having some problems figuring out why she looks different in almost each sketch.  My group helped me to identify a few things I keep doing differently.  One suggestion was to draw just the head and shoulders and work on being consistent.

    So, here is my work this morning on making her Consistently Penelope:

    Version A:

    And Version B:

    Which one do you like better?