• Celebrate!

    I finished it.  20 images that reflect my current illustration style. When I planned out this challenge, I added Celebrate to my to-do list. Celebrate is next on my list!

    I've been thinking about what I could do to celebrate.  I'd love to do an art exhibit. But since I can't have a group of people over to eat chocolate dipped strawberries and eclairs and ohh and ahh over my art, I've decided to hold a virtual art exhibit.  Yesterday I printed off all of the images that I want to include in my art exhibit and I'm mounting them on foam board.  I'm going to hang them on the walls of my house and do a video for you to see them all.  Because it is an art exhibit, you will be able to buy them, so if there is an image you especially like, let me know and I can reserve that for you.  

    I scanned most of the images in at 600 dpi so I could blow them up to highlight the texture of the pencil.  The smallest side of all the images at 10 in.  With their foam core mats, they are over 12 inches on the smallest side. Each image is printed on 32 lb Hammermill Color Paper for a sharp image and brilliant color and each is hand mounted onto sturdy foam board. You will get the current version of this artwork as of today March 26, 2020.  I'll mark it as an Artist Proof and sign and date it. 

    Because I scan in the pencil and then do a computer wash, the original artwork is black and white.  Unfortunately, I don't have the originals available for sale yet.  But it is something I am planning on offering.

    Just like the coronavirus, my timetable for this is fluid.  So stay tuned for updates for my virtual art exhibit.

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